Thursday, December 10, 2015

Family Friday: And THIS is what he was worried about?

Right now, I'm just plain tired of all of the hysteria and fear in the world.  So here's a funny:

I have been working on a novel for some time (a rewrite of something I did back in 2005), and I am TWO CHAPTERS away from finishing a first draft.  (One thing that is interrupting my noveling is doing proofing work that I get paid for.  Noveling doesn't pay anything.  Yet.)
I've been posting chapters over an an online critique group, and I have gotten good feedback from them.  In fact, that's one reason I've kept writing.  They want to know what happens next!
The main character in this novel is part Hopi.  He also is doing his dissertation on the Hopi language.  One phrase (word?) he has taught his wife to say is Nu' umi unangwa'ta, which means "I love you".  
In a couple of places, as I was writing, I just didn't want to look up the word, so I wrote it in the manuscript as [Hopi for I love you], as a note to myself to go check it later. To be honest, I was just too lazy to put it in and wanted to get the writing done.
Well, someone put the following comment on the last chapter I posted: 
I couldn't stand it anymore so I went and looked it up on the Internet! grin emoticon
I said, "Boy, all the stuff I had in that chapter, and THAT'S what you were concerned about??"
I loved it.
Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.

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