Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Worship Wednesday: Good or convenient?

I was suppposed to have a doctor's appointment on Monday.  It got rescheduled for Thursday.  This particular doctor is very allergic to strong scents, and when people make appointments with her, they are told not to wear perfumes or smelly lotions.  Her house suffered a sewage backup (probably related to the recent rains we had here) and she had an allergic reaction to the chemicals used to clean it up, bad enough to send her to the hospital.

The first thing I did upon getting that phone call and getting the appointment rescheduled was think, "Good.  I haven't slept well for the past couple of nights.  I can go back to bed and take a nap!"  (That didn't work very well.  I was able to rest but not sleep.)

Then I thought, "I wonder if God worked it out that way.  He must have known that I needed some rest, so he arranged for my appontment to be rescheduled."

It made me think about the verse in Romans 8:28, where "all things work together for the good of those who love God".  When I think of "things working together for my good", however, do I mean "for my good" or "for my convenience"?

Did God somehow arrange for my doctor to get sick just so I could have the rest I needed?  And if she hadn't gotten sick and I'd gone to the appointment, would God not have been "working for my good"?

Sometimes I wonder if we see God as a micromanager, working out all of our circumstances for our convenience.  I know that plenty of my prayers are often for my convenience, "please let my circumstances work out the way I want them to".  Not that it's wrong to pray those prayers.  I think God hears, and God acts according to what is best.  But what I think is for my good may not be what God thinks is for my good.

I have a child with autism.  I have the days where I despair about his future, and where I get very frustrated with his constant talk about game shows, crime shows, and his other interests.  There are certain things I pray about regarding my son.  If God does not answer the way I want him to, does that mean that he's not working for my good?

Or, if I pray for a particular parking space and I don't get it, does that also mean that God is not working for my good?

Is what I want for my "good", or is it only for my "convenience"?  Sometimes I don't always know the difference.  And I pray to be able to discern that.

Because God will work for my good, but just not always for my convenience.

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.

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