Thursday, February 9, 2017

Allyn's Alley is now LIVE!

The title of this blog entry sounds more like an advertisement for a show at the Fox Theatre:  "Allyn's Alley, LIVE, for one night only!  Tickets on Ticketmaster at $40.00!"

But it's actually an announcement that my first book, a collection of blog entries, just went live on Kindle.  I uploaded the file yesterday and this morning, I got an email saying that the book was available for purchase at for Kindle.

The title is Just My .04, Adjusted For Inflation: Entries From Allyn's Alley, the Blog of Tina Seward. It's named after the signature line I use at the end of each blog entry.  I've picked past entries from my blog on the subjects of family, faith, news and politics, and "potpourri" (stuff that didn't fit in any other category).

A writer friend suggested that maybe a book of my blog entries could be encouraging to others.  I took his suggestion--and the help of my BFF--and the result went live today.  

So, if you want to know what my .04 is, hop on over to and look for Just My .04, Adjusted For Inflation.

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation. :-)

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