Monday, August 31, 2015

Flipping the switch . . .

I was going to write this morning about the angry voter.  I think it says something about the state of politics in our country that the two Republicans leading in Iowa at the moment are Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Trump and Carson are not career politicians.  People are angry and they are fed up with "politics as usual".

But this morning, there was a switch that flipped in my brain that said, "No more."

I sometimes get to the point where my brain is just full.  It gets tired of certain things, certain subjects, and nothing else can go in.

There's five months before the kickoff of the 2016 Presidential Election season--the Iowa caucuses--and the saturation level will be reached long before then.  I'm already seeing ads for Chris Christie here in the Atlanta area.

Daily, I hear and see the news reports and opinion pieces on the candidates, why I should/shouldn't vote for (fill in the blank), what a piece of garbage Candidate X is, why I should vote for Candidate X because he/she is the only hope for our country, etc. etc.

Frankly, my head is dizzy and right now, I've got to delete some brain files before I can let any more in.

So, for today, the political circus will have to go on without me.

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.

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