Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ranting . . . and the way out

At the moment, I feel rather frustrated.

 My house is a mess, I'm not getting enough sleep, we are dealing with debt, and I'm way overweight and not getting exercise.

And I just had to reset my password in order to get into my account.  The following Facebook meme is rather appropriate:  "Sorry, but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, a hieroglyphic, and the blood of a virgin."  (I am waiting to hear that my firstborn son is also a requirement.)

My solution?

For the moment, I have on Spotify and I am playing praise music by John Tesh.

Yeah, I know, I think he has the same reputation as Kenny G . . . but you have to have talent and discipline to make about any kind of music.

Although it won't clean up my house, perhaps this will at least put me in a better frame of mind!

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.

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