Friday, May 12, 2017

Battle fatigue

I think I have battle fatigue.

Between dealing with Matthew, dealing with my own issues, and hearing about current events, I'm hitting a wall.  (I'm not even watching the news, but I can't get away from discussion of it; and I think that being totally ignorant of what's going on isn't helpful.)

I just texted my sister to tell my mother that her Mother's Day gift will be late.

I have a messy house and laundry to put away.

And I have not been sleeping well.

At least one study back in 2009 said that mothers of kids with autism had stress similar to that of combat soldiers.  I believe it.

It's a fight to get services for a child, and it's a daily fight to deal with behaviors, appointments, echolalia, etc. etc. etc.  We're also facing high school graduation and Matthew's transition into a new program (job skills training).

I have my own mental fighting that I do with past issues, such as bullying and spiritual abuse and everything that flows from that.  And I also have physical conditions that my body fights daily.

And I think I'm just exhausted from all of the fighting I have done in my life.

This weekend, Frank, Matthew, and I are going on a retreat with the high school seniors in Matthew's youth group.  I am hoping it will be a chance to get away from at least a little bit of stress.

This battle-fatigued warrior needs it.

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.

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