Saturday, May 6, 2017

Proud aunt brag

She's probably the first person I loved before they were even born.  Now my niece is 21 and today, she graduates with her degree in behavioral sciences.  

She looks like her mom (which means she's beautiful).

For her first four years, she was mostly raised by her mom and her Nana (my mother).  She also spent a lot of time with her great-grandmother.  

When she was four, her mom--my sister--got married again.  And I think it's a tribute to her stepfather that my niece asked him, could you adopt me?  It's also a tribute to him that he did. 

She's been enjoying her college years with her friends, loves her Gamma Phi Beta sisters, and has decided to pursue a career in psychology.  For right now, she'll be doing graduate studies to thoroughly prepare for her profession.

Enjoy your day today.  Your present is in the mail. 

Just my .04, adjusted for inflation.


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